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Day by day, Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of WhatsApp seems to be becoming less ridiculous. We say that because WhatsApp has just announced that its app has more than 700 million active users now, up from 600 million that was reported close to four months ago. These 700 million users are sending close to 30 billion messages per day according to CEO Jan Koum.

Since its acquisition by Facebook, the service has added close to 200 million users. It took the app two weeks longer to go from the 500 million to the 600 million mark. Unlike other competing services, WhatsApp reports its active user base, so the total install could be much higher. A chunk of WhatsApp users come from emerging markets like India, Russia and countries in South America. Now, the most awaited feature from the service is voice calling which is expected to be added this year.

It seems like Facebook’s recent acquisitions have only grown since takeover, with its other acquisition Instagram crossing 300 million users back in December.