With Apple’s much-awaited announcement of the year also came the unexpected, overly pleasant surprise for fans of not just Apple, but also Nintendo — Super Mario Run is finally coming to iOS in December.

During Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone 7 event, celebrated game designer Shigeru Miyamoto briefly took the centerstage to announce Super Mario’s official debut in the mobile gaming scene.

Super Mario Run is expected to take on the likelihood of the classic Super Mario gameplay, where the player’s character — by default — is constantly moving towards the right.

In the game, tapping on the screen will cause the player’s chosen character to jump.

Gamers already familiar with the classic Super Mario games know that jumping is the most basic and most critical of all the moves in the legendary game.

Super Mario Run will not be available for download until December, but Apple’s App Store already has the game on its listing.

According to the said listing, Super Mario Run has three modes. Players can gain coins from playing through the first two modes, which they can later on use to create their very own Mushroom Kingdom as they proceed to the third mode.

In the first mode, players are faced with challenging courses that they will have to complete.

The second mode, on the other hand, poses more challenge as players are given the opportunity to surpass the play data of other players’ completed courses.

In this mode, the player who’s able to finish the courses “in the most style” is the one who wins.

The game’s App Store description says Super Mario Run will also offer in-app purchases, which indicates that the game likely has a few surprises up its sleeve.

It was initially believed that Super Mario Run for iOS will not be free to play, but Nintendo later on clarified during a press release that it intends to make a portion of Super Mario Run downloadable on the App Store for free.

Nintendo says Super Mario Run will initially be released for iOS devices, but it also assured fans that it has all the intention to make the game available for download on Android devices sometime in the near future.