Years after it was first launched, Clash of Clans still has its game strong with over 100 million active users daily — all of them eagerly awaiting the game’s next big update.

In this case, it’s the Clash of Clans September update which — rumor has it — comes with an exciting new feature called Clan Challenge.

But is Clash of Clans’ Clan Challenge any different from the already widely used Clan Wars?

The new update, it appears, is more like an added option which users can use.

Basically, what makes Clan Challenge entirely different from Clan Wars is a feature that allows users to choose the clan that they’d like to go up against.

It’s a feature that makes the game better than ever before.

While CoC gamers had to put up with automated selections in the past which left players no choice but to battle whoever is pitted against them — even when their stats screamed mismatch — Clan Challenge, on the other hand, plays a big role in the evening of the Clash of Clans playing field.

Based on a video recently released by Supercell, Challenge appear to have three key features that promises CoC gamers that it’s actually worth their while: users now have the ability to choose who they want to challenge; the duration of both the preparation and the war itself is entirely up to the inviting player; and the users’ ability to accept and reject a challenge request.

Once a request is accepted, the time for preparation automatically begins.

Users can set war durations for as long as three days, and with this feature they can also expect better tournaments and events.

Supercell’s official statement on the game’s highly anticipated new feature said:

“With Clan Challenges, Clans will be able issue a friendly War request to any other Clan daring to accept the challenge! Choose war participants, set the duration of preparation/battle days and send your Clan Challenge request! As soon as the opposing Clan accepts the request, preparation day will begin. This feature is not meant to replace Clan Wars (you can’t issue a Clan Challenge while there’s an ongoing Clan War), but it will offer better support for events”.

Aside from this exciting new feature that’s expected to come with Clash of Clans’ September update, users can also expect free gem mining as well as changes in the game’s penalty system.

Clash of Clans’ September update is expected to be released Sept. 18, although it appears that there’s still nothing definitive yet, at least as of writing.