Telegram Messenger has its origin in Russia and Vkontakte, the equivalent of Facebook in Russia. Pavel Durov was the CEO of Vkontakte till 2014 when he was given the pink slip. Pavel is the man who developed Telegram which is now regarded as an alternative for WhatsApp.  WhatsApp claims a user base of 1 billion and is the most popular among all chat apps available today.  But, Telegram has an impressive 100 million and continues to add 350,000 new users every day.

Telegram Messenger newest to add voice calls feature

In the world of messaging apps, Telegram is the newest to add a significant new feature – the voice calls feature.  Telegram is rolling out the feature to users in Europe first before bringing it to other parts of the world.  Now, the question uppermost in your mind should be what is new, because most messaging apps today, do offer video and audio calling? According to Telegram, the following features will set it apart from the crowd.

Focus on call quality

Telegram says that by employing artificial intelligence, it is able to enhance call quality on a continuous basis. AI assimilates an array of information like ping times, network speed, the percentage of packet loss and optimizes every call learning associated issues for the next time. Telegram claims that call quality improves because of this since more time would be spent talking with the help of the feature.

Granular controls by Telegram Messenger

Telegram app also brings some useful options in granular control allowing using to pick ‘low data’ calls saving a few cents on data plan and sacrificing call quality to an extent.  Users can also limit things in a way that incoming calls from the user’s contact list alone will be allowed. A ‘Secret Chat’ feature is also added as encryption. The mechanism that controls key exchange has also been improved to make the encryption work more efficiently. More details about the security behind this feature can be accessed here

However, the ability to conduct ‘secret chat’ is not something that most secret service agencies around the globe like. A major concern that arises is terror outfits and other anti-social elements using such features that can compromise the safety and security of the rest of the world.