Friday, May 17, 2024
Super Mario Run

Super Mario Run for Android and iOS: What’s There to be Excited About?

With Apple's much-awaited announcement of the year also came the unexpected, overly pleasant surprise for fans of not just Apple, but also Nintendo — Super Mario Run is finally coming to iOS in December
Fake Pokémon Go

Fake Pokémon Go Apps Hit 10 Million Downloads

Fake Pokémon Go apps have reportedly hit an astounding 10 million downloads from unsuspecting users all around the globe.
Apple Design Awards

Apple Design Awards: Apple Recognizes the Most Well-Designed Apps for 2016

Apple Design Awards is part of its Worldwide Developer Conference that takes place every year. Apple recognizes 12 independently developed apps that stand out...
Mobile pps

Why Small Businesses Need Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are the craze these days and all types of small businesses are jumping in to reach their customers through their smartphones. The shift...