In an effort to help children develop interest and understanding of coding, tech giant Apple came up with a project specifically designed for that purpose.

To entice developers to create applications for its products, Apple came up with an idea that does not only appeal to potential app developers, it also makes things a whole lot easier for them, too.

This idea is called Swift.

Swift is a programming language that Apple created to help ease the burden of developing new apps for the company’s products.

It is currently the standardized programming language that developers use to build applications for all of Apple’s products — including the company’s iOS devices, Apple Watch products, Mac computers, and Apple TVs.

According to the company itself, Swift was created in such a way that anyone with an incredible idea can create applications anytime they want. Swift is an open source, and is absolutely easy to use.

And to make sure that Swift lives up to all the expectations that its creator has set before it, Apple came up with Swift Playgrounds — an app dedicated to helping users learn the language of Swift in a fun and interactive way.

Recently released alongside Apple’s highly anticipated iOS 10, Swift Playgrounds is an app for the iPad that is both a practice field for coding and a medium for developing apps.

It is aimed at helping those who are just starting to familiarize themselves with coding.

With Playgrounds, both the youngsters and the not so young can acquire knowledge about developing apps and get a grasp of what coding is really all about, but without the unwanted feeling of trying to understand something in a completely unfamiliar language.

The best part is about the app is that it requires no previous knowledge of coding.

Apple hopes Playgrounds will entice users interested in coding to give Swift a try by making the platform simple enough for students to understand.

But Playgrounds isn’t just a practice field for the newbies. It’s also a platform that seasoned developers will want to try.

Aside from being a tool for students to learn coding, Playgrounds is also in itself a platform that veteran developers can use to turn their brilliant ideas into reality.