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Back when Facebook acquired Instagram, the service had close to 30 million users. Fast forward to today, and the number has swelled ten times. Instagram has announced on its blog that the service has crosses 300 million monthly active users, sharing 70 million odd photos and videos everyday. Oh, and with this milestone, Instagram’s active user base has overtaken that of Twitter, so Facebook might have got the company for real cheap.

Along with making this announcement, the company also launched verified badges for celebrities, athletes and brands, making it easier for users to connect with the authentic accounts. You can expect these badges to roll in the coming days. The company is putting a lot of emphasis on authentic and is doing much to keep spammy accounts and users at bay by even deleting such accounts. As a result, some of you might see a reduction in the number of followers that you have on the service, but don’t worry, Instagram will notify you in case such a thing happens.

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