google calender

Another day, another Google app that has been updated with Material Design. This time it’s the Google Calender app  that has been updated. Besides the Material Design, there are a few other neat features that have been added with the update as well.

The new app is available for all devices running on Android 5.0 (which makes it available only on the Nexus 9 for the time being), but will work on all devices with Android 4.1 and above. The update app makes all Gmail events calender events like flights, concerts, or even hotel reservations. These events will be added to the calender with all relevant details (flight numbers and check-in times) and will be updated in real time in case there’s some change in the schedule and you receive another email about it.

The app also introduces Assists   which can suggest titles, people and places as you type. it even adapts according to your preferences. Also, the new Schedule View shows photos and maps of the places you’re going, cityscapes of travel destinations, and illustrations of everyday events like dinner.

Grab the app from the store link for free.

Google Calender – Play Store (not updated at the time of publishing this article)