windows store crosses 150,000 apps

On an average, a user is likely to have anywhere between 50-150 apps on hit tablet or smartphone. As such, you might never even use 99 percent of the apps available on the Windows Store. Oh, and did we mention you have 150,000 apps to choose from on the Windows Store? The Windows Store has crossed 150,000 app milestone in about a year and a half since its inception. For perspective, it took Windows Phone Store almost two years to reach the same number.

WinBeta also reports that the pace of app growth has rather slowed down recently, with only 50,000 apps added in the last eight months. Unfortunately, most of these apps are sub-par or spam. We’d be happy if Windows Store would have even just 1 percent of the total number as quality apps. Still recent additions like the VLC app are promising signs.