Windows Phone 8.1 has brought many user requested features to the table, including a notification center, but a decent file manager is still missing from the OS. Even though there are many third party options, but some fail to deliver on quality, while others aren’t free. Luckily for Windows Phone users, Microsoft has announced via Reddit that Windows Phone will be officially getting a file manager in the coming days. If all goes well, we could see the file manager by the end of May.

Microsoft didn’t divulge into the specifics, but was considerate enough to post six screenshots of the upcoming app. The app will allow for creating new folders, deleting files and moving them. It won’t probably be anything ground breaking giving access to system folders. Will the File Explorer help Windows Phone open us the ecosystem a little more or not, is debatable, but it will surely add to making the OS better than before. Find the screenshots below.

windows phone file explorer

windows phone file explorer 2