google play update

Google is pushing out an update to Google Play, taking it to version 4.3.13. The update brings the new Material Design to the Play Store that was revealed by Google at is I/O event last month. There are several changes onboard making the update a major one.

The content pages have been changed drastically. App pages are completely redone with more emphasis laid on the cover art. There are new icons on the content pages for rating and genre. Animations have also been worked upon considerably. Descriptions also go full screen now and changelogs are only visible for the apps that have been installed by you. Video trailers take the top spot above image galleries while things like the date of last update, APK size, version, “Top Developer” text, and content are now in the full description section of apps.

WHile this doesn’t seem like a full switch to the Material Design, it appears like a halfway through mark. The update hasn’t rolled out yet and should come in the coming days. However, if you’re too eager, you can head over to AndroidCentral and download the APK.