lego creator island

LEGO is smart to adapt itself according to the market. From being a toy manufacturer only a few years back to having multiple games for different platforms, LEGO knows how the game is played. Now, the company has launched a new game in the Play Store called LEGO® Creator Islands. If you’re thinking you’ve heard this name before, that’s because it is already available as a browser game.

• Build a large range of Vehicles, Creatures and Houses on the Islands building lots.
• Use the map to navigate the LEGO Creator Islands after you have unlocked them.
• Help the Inhabitants and earn Yellow bricks to build new models.
• Unlock the LEGO Creator Power Digger and LEGO Creator Rabbit to make way for new building lots.
• Make the islands your own with a variety of mini builds, which can be used anywhere on the islands.
• Use zoom and rotate to see all the details of the models.
• Log into LEGO ID to play across web and app.

LEGO® Creator Islands has been built on the Unity engine and has a SimCity style management gameplay. Creating buildings or vehicles for Minifigs earns you more building material which can be used to expand your empire. You discover new islands and places along the way.

The game has been designed for kids clearly, although that doesn’t mean adults can’t enjoy it. However, the game is incompatible with most smartphones an works mostly on tablets. It’s free to download, so if you have some little ones in your house, you can definitely give it a try.

Creator Islands – Play Store