google translate

If the new report published by NYTimes is to be believed, Google could soon offer real time voice to text translation on its Translate app for Android. Imagine engaging in a conversation with someone speaking another language and Google translating what the other person is saying to text immediately. The text will show up on your screen in your own language, enabling you to understand what the other person is saying in real time.

Skype has been offering similar service since last month, where users can get real time voice to text translation between English and Spanish. Google Translate currently offers written translation of 90 languages, as well as the ability to hear spoken translations of a few popular languages.

Google translate is present on over 100 million Android devices, with 500 million users across all platforms. Of course, such a huge user base would enable the app to learn quickly from its mistakes and grow more accurate in the future.

It’s not known at the moment as to when Google will be rolling out this feature, but we’re waiting eagerly.