Google adds rating filter to searches in the Play Store

Ever need to find an app in the Play Store that is lost among a sea of spam and look alikes? Google’s made your job easier by introducing a new rating filter in the Play Store. The new filter limits the searches to only those apps that are rated 4 stars or above, removing tons of unwanted results in the process and saving users’ time and bandwidth.

To activate the filter, simply tap on all ratings drop down in the apps section and select “4 star+” and that should do it. There aren’t any other options in the dropdown, but Google might add them later, since some high profile apps don’t necessarily get that high ratings (remember how the Facebook Messenger ratings sank when they made it a compulsory download) or see a dip in ratings after some policy changes or an update.

Still, the filter is a particularly helpful option in the hands of users and should deter some nuisance developers trying to cash in on other apps’ popularity.