Gmail for Android 5.0 will sync with multiple email accounts

It seems like Gmail for Android will not only get the new Material Design in Android Lollipop, but will also add a new major feature. Discovered by folks at AndroidPolice, Gmail 5.0 will be able to sync with multiple accounts including Yahoo, Outlook and others. Users will be able to switch between accounts simply with a swipe or by touching the account drop down. That implies you will no longer need third party clients to stay logged in to multiple accounts on your phone and Gmail will be your one stop shop to check your emails (which should also help in preserving battery life).

Other than this, it seems like Google has been hard at work to give Gmail a new look. The app will show round avatars and a cleaner overall look. The update will be available to users once Android 5.0 Lollipop is released for the masses. Check out the trailer for the upcoming update below.