Back in May, Foursquare announced that it will be splitting the app into two, Foursquare and Swarm.  While Swarm will allow you to check-in and find friends nearby, the Foursquare app was set for a different path. Today is the day when that path is clear ahead of it and the new Foursquare 8.0 app will finally be arriving in the next few weeks. The app gets a new design, new logo and a new purpose with the update.

Until now, Foursquare was all about checking in different restaurants to inform your friends about it. The new app gets a “Most Popular” section that informs users about the most trending and popular new restaurants. Although, you’ll have to use Swarm to check into these places from tomorrow. Your past check-ins will automatically be moved to the new app.

Swarm and the new Foursquare app should work seamlessly together. The company calls it the first step towards ‘personalized local search’ future and with its 50 million users, we don’t doubt Foursquare’s capabilities.