bing apps


Bing Apps offer a set of quality apps on Windows Phone. The suite that includes apps like Bing News, Bing Weather, Bing Finance and others have received another update on the platform. However, don’t be surprised if you are unable to find the apps in your phone where you usually have them post the update. The update has removed the ‘Bing’ from the names of these apps, other than it’s unknown what has been updated in these apps.

Luckily, you can still search these apps in the Store with their older names, so you shouldn’t get lost in the plethora of duplicate apps. You can also find them below.

Bing Finance
Bing Finance qr
Bing Food & Drink
bing food and drink qr
Bing News
bing news qr
Bing Sports
bing sports qr
Bing Travel
bing travel
Bing Weather
bing weather
Bing Health & Fitness
bing health qr