youtube music

YouTube has pushed a new update for its Android and iOS apps. The update brings a new music homepage that shows your favorite music videos, recommended music playlists based on your preference and playlists of trending music acrossthe website. Also, in the coming days you’ll be able to see an artist’s discography on YouTube, as well as play a full album with both their official music videos and high-quality songs added by YouTube’s music partners.

And in case ads on the website are too much for your tolerance, you can also subscribe to YouTube Music Key that offers ad free unlimited music for a promotional price of $7.99/month (regular being $9.99/month). The subscription will also give you access to background play and offline viewing, as well as include a subscription for Google Play Music with its catalog of 30 million songs and expert curated playlists. YouTube Music Key is being launched as a beta for now and you can get to enjoy it for free for the fist six months if you see an invite in your app or email.

YouTube – Android

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