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Ultra-slim cases for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are an increasingly popular option for those looking to add a basic layer of protection to their device without really changing its appearance and super sleek and slim form factor. We recently reviewed one of these so called ultra-thin cases called the Slight by Desmay, and found it to be a surprisingly great case for the right type of person. Shumuri’s SLIM and Slim Extra cases for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus look and feel just like Desmay’s Slight case apart from a few minor differences, also bill themselves as extraordinarily slim and semi-translucent cases at just 0.35mm in thickness, featuring 360-degrees worth of scratch protection with an anti-scratch matte finish. And although the SLIM and Slight both have a lot in common as far as protection and minimalist design, Shumuri’s SLIM and Slim Extra cases do in fact have a few little details that make them a more appealing alternative. Be sure to catch our full, in-depth review down below!

For starters, the Shumuri SLIM cases are a bit cheaper now than the Slight at $19 for the iPhone 6 and $20 for the iPhone 6 Plus, so really there’s no reason why you should pick Desmay’s Slight over the SLIM. That being said, perhaps the most crucial of all pros is that the SLIM is actually easier to install and remove without the risk of damaging the thin material of the case.

Both cases have the same generic graphics and product descriptions on the back of their respective packaging, which at one point was also indentical until Shumuri picked out this Incase-like looking tray packaging as opposed to the hard clear jewel box-shaped plastic packaging the two company’s shipped their cases at an earlier stage. This leads us to believe that these cases are all made by the same OEM under the same factory, only branded and tweaked slightly per each company’s request. A seemingly standard practice across the electronic and accessory industry. In this case, Shumuri has made sure that its case was made to higher standards such as a neatly embossed logo, more precise measurements that keep a lower profile around the edges of the rounded glass, as well as a design that doesn’t snag as much during installation. So yes, as small as they may seem, we do notice the attention detail. And Shumuri did a better job keeping an eye on quality control unlike Desmay.

Before we continue any further, just a quick friendly disclosure: although Shumuri is currently an advertising partner of ours, it does not in any way influence or alter our review on the company’s product nor did Shumuri pay to have us review their SLIM cases. So now that we cleared that up, let’s get back to business!

Like the Slight case, Shumuri’s SLIM is also available in the same semi-translucent matte colors that all look really good encasing either the Space Gray or silver iPhone including blue, pink, gray (smoke), and clear. And if you’ve got a gold colored iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, you would be better off choosing the clear case to best compliment it.

Like the Slight, the SLIM is strikingly similar to The Veil case by Caudabe, which is still the least expensive option out of the three ultra-thin cases. The only difference being that the SLIM offers better protection coverage whereas The Veil case leaves the bottom portion of the iPhone somewhat exposed similar to Spigen’s slightly thicker AirSkin case.

Do you want to know what it feels like using a case like the SLIM? Liberating. Because it’s so thin it’s like you’re holding onto a bare naked iPhone without a case on it all. It’s one of the most enjoyable experience that I have come across in using a protective case with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. And that’s really because you get to hold your device without any added bulk whatsoever. There’s also little to nothing that gets in your way when you slide your thumb or finger off the edge of the glass, so you get to appreciate the rounded edges of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus while still being protected with an ultra-thin layer of plastic.

Looking at the side of the case we can see that the volume and sleep/wake buttons sit flush with the cutouts in the case. They’re highly tactile of course because of this. You literally feel like nothing stands in the way of you pressing these buttons. You can even toggle the mute/vibrate switch without having to use your finger nail. Just one of the many perks of using such a super slim case.

This isn’t a case that will fit everyone’s needs. It’s only designed to give your iPhone protection against scratches and and minor bumps that would otherwise cause some knicks in the aluminum. Because there’s no lip around the front side of the case, you pretty much have zero glass protection. This means you shouldn’t put your iPhone face down on a table. And if your drop it and it lands screen side down on the ground, there’s a very good chances that your display will crack and scratch from the impact. Bear in mind that with such ultra-thincases such as the SLIM you only get very minimal protection. So if you are known to drop your things, do not get this case or other cases that offer a similar level of protection and thickness. Of course you can always use either a regular screen protector or one that is made out of tempered glass, which we always highly recommend any smartphone user would use instead of plastic. Virtually all screen protectors of all kinds are compatible with the Slight case.

Yes it’s attractive in the most minimal way, but I also don’t think this case should cost more than other cases such as the Spigen Thin Fit for example. It’s a relatively well made case, but it shouldn’t cost more than $15. That being said, I would still purchase one myself if it weren’t for Shumuri sending us a few cases to test and review. I hate using bulky cases, especially now that I’m using such a huge smartphone – the iPhone 6 Plus. The SLIM is really one of the best options you can use to add some protection over your investment so long as you’re already careful enough.

I’m really impressed by the quality of this case even though it’s merely a very thin piece of semi-transparent plastic which is a bit flexible but stiff enough to fit firmly around the iPhone. The edges are all perfectly rounded and there are no sharp edges or flash anywhere except for a very minimal seam along the side of the case from the moulding process. The finish of the SLIM is terrific. Not rubberized I’m afraid or coated with a soft-touch finish like Shumuri falsely describes on its site, but still nicely textured with a very refined grainy texture that really goes well with the aluminum construction of the iPhone itself. The material is matte and almost feels like you’re holding onto warm aluminum. That probably the second best feature about Shumuri’s SLIM case in that it feels and looks great with that matte grainy finish and opaque see-through design that allows you to see the native design of the iPhone 6/6 Plus in all its glory. It may be just an ultra-thin piece of plastic, but even that’s enough to isolate the cold aluminum from freezing your hands in the cold winter mornings .

The textured matte finish doesn’t show any fingerprints, attract dust or lint, and nor does it wear off with use. Shumuri’s logo is unobtrusively embossed into the bottom back of the material and will not wear off like the painted-on logo of the Desmay Slight.

The only little thing that bothers me a bit if the fact that the sides do have this plastic seam from the manufacturing process. It would have been nice to see Shumuri or whoever manufactured these cases put more time into the manufacturing process so that there wouldn’t be as much of a seam along the side, or maybe a little more polishing after just to give the case a seamless smooth finish everywhere that your hands come into contact for most of the time. I’m nitpicking here I know, but you’re not paying $2 expecting a “just good enough” finish. I would say, however, that the Shumuri SLIM is definitely good enough when it comes to fit and finish. The semi-transparent colors and matte grainy texture of the plastic really compliment theiPhone 6 and 6 Plus more than you would initially think. The clear SLIM in particular. 

Much like the Slight case, the SLIM doesn’t actually stop where the beveled glass begins, but slightly extends over the edges just a bit with a minimal lip (not to be confused with a lay-on-the-table lip designed to protect the display from reaching a flat surface). Fortunately it’s very minimal and isn’t as noticeable as it is on the Slight case. There’s still plenty of exposed space around the rounded edges of the glass for a tight-fitting screen protector and for your finger to comfortably swipe across the smooth edges.

Unlike the Desmay Slight case, it seems as though the SLIM is a hair thinner than the Slight as it isn’t flush with the back facing camera lens. Yes, it’s actually so slim that the camera lens still protrudes out a tiny bit. That being said, there’s very little wobble when placing the iPhone on a flat surface. While this never bothered me in the time that I’ve been using this case, it may very well bother you. But there’s good news.

We should note that Shumuri has just recently introduced a newer version of its original case called the Slim Extra, which is essentially the same ultra-thin 0.35mm iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus case, only just like the Caudabe’s The Veil case – it features a ridge around the camera and flash opening that’s just thick enough so that it protects the protruding back facing camera lens without increasing the thickness of the rest of the case.

Instead of a flush cutout with the camera lens, the Slim Extra’s raised ridge actually provides better protection in comparison. Other than that Shumuri’s Slim Extra is identical to the SLIM. It features the same thickness, same material, and the same great fit and finish.

The Slim Extra also comes in more colors that aren’t as translucent like red, silver, ocean blue, chocolate, and champagne gold. I’m actually surprised there isn’t a black color choice too. The only caveat is that it’s a little more expensive than Shumuri’s SLIM at $22 for the iPhone 6 and $24 for the iPhone 6 Plus.

Here’s the Slim Extra in this quite good looking royal ocean blue hue compared to the much lighter and more transparent blue SLIM case over a Space Gray iPhone 6 Plus.

Slim Extra in red looking amazing on the Space Gray iPhone 6 Plus.

Silver Slim Extra isn’t half bad either! This particular color is really opaque and doesn’t easily let the Apple logo or antenna lines show through the material.

And finally the Slim Extra in champagne gold just in case you regret choosing a Silver or Space Gray iPhone6 or 6 Plus over the Gold.

Chocolate brown is our least favorite colorway for the Extra Slim, but I’m sure some will disagree. And like the silver, the chocolate color has a very opaque finish that will disguise the Apple logo and antenna lines.

Both of the SLIM and Slim Extra cases feature cutouts around the bottom connector openings that are very tight, however, since the these cases are ultra-thin it really doesn’t interfere with anything. We tested all sorts of 3.5mm headphone plugs and Lightning connectors and found no issues at all. As for the bottom facing speaker, individual holes were made in the case rather than one large single cutout which are aligned almost perfectly with the iPhone’s speaker holes creating a visually appealing finish.

The Shumuri cases that we’ve gotten to review I’ve noticed were much easier to put on and didn’t immediately want to crumple at the very last corner when pressed into place like the Desmay Slight did. You still need to be careful when installing such a thin case however. Removal is super easy too. Just peel the top right corner with your thumb and do the same to the lower right corner, and the case will come off just like that. I was able to remove and apply the case dozens of times without ever crippling, cracking or snapping the case. Which says a lot about how easily it slips on and off. There’s less chance of something going wrong when you can remove such a thin case with less stress and effort. I can’t quite say the same about the Slight case, which after roughly the same amount of times cracked near the headphone cutout, not to mention the crumpled corners from my difficulty of installing it over the iPhone 6 Plus.

There aren’t any gaps or flexing to the case when it’s installed. The fit is as tight as it can be and pretty much flawless all around. It almost feels like a skin around the iPhone. The case is secure, but still easy to remove.

A case that you could barely feel is on your device is the hands down the best thing you could ever ask for. Shumuri’s SLIM and Slim Extra cases for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are without a doubt two incredibly thin cases, one of the thinnest you could possibly use and still call a case at 0.35mm in thickness. It looks terrific encasing the super sleek design of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus using svelte translucent textured plastic that’s practically as thin as an egg’s shell and visually doesn’t take away from the refined aluminum unibody build quality of the iPhone. It’s definitely overpriced for what it is, but it’s a really great option if you are looking for the thinnest case possible that still feels really nice to use with the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. It doesn’t add much grip, or protection for that matter, but we do think that Shumuri’s SLIM is an even better case than Desmay’s Slight despite the caveat of it not protecting the back facing camera lens thanks to its easier installation, better more precise overall fit and finish, and cheaper price tag. If the iPhone’s protrudingcamera lens does bother you, we suggest you consider Shumuri’s Slim Extra case which features a very well implemented camera lens protection. For that reason, the Slim Extra is our definitive choice for an ultra-slim, sleek and minimalist case. And for that reason it deserves our prestigious Editors’ Choice Award and highest recommendation.


  1. Have to agree that it’s a bit pricey and I’d much prefer a crystal clear case to the semi-transparent.

    Right now Greenterrafirma has their 6 Plus clear case AND anti-glare screen protector on sale for just $7.99 on Amazon. I picked one up a couple months ago and really like it…well made, no ridge down the side, etc.