Best cases and accessories for the iPhone 5/5s (Review by PcAdvisor)

Third-party accessory makers have been busy launching their new offerings to help customise, protect and compliment the new iPhone 5s. These cases fit both the new iPhone 5s and the older iPhone 5.

Here, we round up the latest and best iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s cases. if you need extra power for your iPhone 5 or 5s read our article Choosing the best battery case for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5s.

iPhone 5 Advisor: buying advice and review

iPhone 5 and 5s Shell cases

Belkin has launched a range of iPhone 5 cases and accessories, including a new View Case, with a transparent design to show off the new back plate of the device while protecting it from bumps and scratches. It costs £20.

Belkin iphone 5 case

Luxury smartphone case maker Truffol, creator of the Signature iPhone 5s case, has a new line of cases for the iPhone 5 and 5s. The Autograph is a top-quality leather case that sells for a non-luxury price of $18.

Truffol iPhone 5 5s cases leather

The Truffol Autograph is made of fine, wrinkle-free leather, from Santa Croce sull’Arno in Italy, and trimmed to a precise thickness of 0.6mm.

Unlike most iPhone cases each case can be personalized with up to three initials, and comes with a complimentary screen protector.

There’s also a $22 Card version of the Autograph that features a slot for a credit card or driver’s licence.

QDOS has launched its range of polycarbonate iPhone 5 cases, including Metallics and Smoothies ranges. The cases aren’t the thinnest, but are well made and fit well. Unlike Belkin’s above, they don’t allow you to show off the beauty of the iPhone underneath, though.

QDOS iPhone 5 Metallics case

All cases in the range cost £20.

British accessory maker Proporta has launched a variety of iPhone 5 cases that are now available.

For those looking for a simple way to protect the back of the iPhone 5, Proporta has released a £15 Hard Shell case available in four colours.

Proporta iPhone 5 cases

Otterbox has updated its cases range to include new offerings for the Apple’s latest iPhone. The new cases include the Prefix, a protective shell with a rubber outer layer and free screen protector.

The DefenderCommuter and Reflex series of Otterbox’s cases have also been updated for the iPhone 5.

The team at Cygnett has also been busy launching iPhone 5 accessories. Among the new products is the cute ICON – Haven case, featuring an all-new design from the animator behind Scarygirl Nathan Jurevicius.

Dicota’s Hard Cover cases for the iPhone 5 are made from impact resistant plastic, while the Slim Covers are designed to provide protection for the iPhone 5 without making it bulky.

If you’re looking for something a bit more fun, Griffin has launched its Animal Parade Case series for iPhone 5. The quirky cases are made from silicone, and you can download the Animal Parade app for your iPhone to add matching wallpapers to your home and lock screen.

In keeping with the animal theme, Case-Mate has launched its Creatures iPhone 5 cases, which include a monkey, panda, penguin, peacock, elephant, giraffe, tiger, flamingo and bear design. The cute cases are available for £25.

Or, there’s always the Mustachio Case for iPhone 5, also from Griffin.

Tech21 has also launched its Impact Band for iPhone 5. It costs £25 and holes are cut out for the camera, mute switch and Lightning dock, while embedded plastic buttons make contact with the iPhone’s volume and standby buttons. As well as the clear option, the Tech21 Impact Band for iPhone 5 is available in a choice of colors, described as Smokey and Pink.

iPhone 5 shell in Tech21 case

Also new is the Tech21 Impact Snap case. This is a hard polycarbonate shell that clips on to the phone, and is again using pieces of bright orange D3O inside.

Tech21 Impact snap case for iPhone 5

The Tech21 Impact Snap case for iPhone 5 is also priced at £25 and is available from The Accessories Crowd.

iPhone 5 and 5s flip/folio Cases

The Proporta iPhone 5 Leather Case has a flip design with an aluminium lining and costs £30. It also comes with a free screen protector.

Cygnett has launched the iPhone 5 FlipWallet. The £25 case can protect the iPhone while providing a space for your money and credit cards too.

Knomo has introduced the iPhone 5 Leather Folio, a leather case secured shut by elastic. It has a hole for the rear camera, and a leather pouch inside to store cards and receipts. The case will set you back £45.

iPhone 5 and 5s pouches/sleeves

The Proporta iPhone 5 Leather Pouch, has an aluminium lining, clasp closure and pinstripe interior, and is available for £30.

Or, if you’re looking for something more handmade, LaptopTailors has introduced a felt sleevefor the iPhone 5.

Knomo’s new iPhone 5 Leather Slim is available in Black, Burnt Ochre or Teaberry colours, and is available for £25. It’s cushioned with a microfibre lining to protect your device from scratches.

Other iPhone 5 and 5s accessories

Belkin has launched a new Sport Armband collection for the iPhone 5. There are two designs which cost from £20.

The Breffo Spiderpodium’s flexible design means that the original version is compatible with the iPhone 5. The Spiderpodium can be used as a stand, gadget grip and holster. It is available in a variety of colours and costs £15.