viber windows phone

In a bid to get some advantage over competing rivals, cross platform messaging service Viber has received an update on Windows Phone 8 taking the version number to 4.1. The update bring one of Viber’s most popular feature, Viber Out to Windows Phone.

Viber Out allows users to make calls to any number (yes, even landline and non Viber mobile) for affordable rates. Not only that, but the update also adds the ability to send out video messages to your contacts. Also, similar to WhatsApp, you can now send multiple photos at the same time. Lastly, the update also gives Viber the ability to transfer calls to Bluetooth using hands-free Bluetooth support. Here’s the changelog:

  • Viber Out: call non-Viber mobile and landline numbers at low rates
  • Send video messages
  • Send multiple photos at the same time
  • Hands-free Bluetooth support: seamlessly transfer calls to Bluetooth

You can grab Viber for free on Windows Phone Store at this link, or can scan the QR code below.

viber windows phone qr