Upcoming WhatsApp features for Windows Phone get revealed

WhatsApp doesn’t get updated on Windows Phone very often (the last update was back in June), but when it does, you can expect some pretty big changes along the way. As it turns out the Facebook owned team is just working on the next update for the messenger on Windows Phone.

If the beta version of the app is anything to take cues from, the next update will be a major one, adding dozens of new features. It will finally allow users to archive chat history for safe keeping. Holding on someone’s user name on the main menu will now present archive as an option. You will also be able to unarchive messages once they have been archived.

The update will also allow users to send custom locations to friends. Until now, you can only send your own location to someone, meaning the app doesn’t help much if you’re trying to meet someone at a common place. Then, you will be able to add captions to the images that you send through the app, as well as crop and rotate them.

WhatsApp will also support smaller fonts for high resolution displays, like that of Lumia 1520. Last of the known change is that you’ll be able to assign background images to individual chats. The update could be only Windows Phone 8.1, but that’s not confirmed. It is expected to be released in the coming days, but there’s no confirmed date as of now.

WhatsApp – Windows Phone

[Source: WPCentral]