Ever since the massive user data leak that rocked Snapchat, the company has been tightening the noose around third party clients. It had already warned users against using third party clients, and now it seems like all third party Snapchat clients have disappeared from the Windows Phone Store, including Rudy Huyn’s 6snap. This essentially leaves Windows Phone users without access to Snapchat, since there’s no official app available on the platform, unlike that on Android and iOS.

However, 6snap developer Rudy has taken it to Twitter and announced that he’s working with Microsoft to bring back the app for Windows Phone users. He’s also claimed that there’s no official app in the works for Windows Phone, but then, this cannot be taken as a 100 percent confirmation.

We hope for the sake of Snapchat users that either Snapchat releases an official Windows Phone app, or allows users to use 6snap instead.