subway surfers

Two games on Windows Phone have received some love from the developers, both being AAA titles. These are Subway Surfer and Angry Birds Star Wars 2. The updates add new features that were added to the Android and iOS version some days back.

Talking about Angry Birds Star Wars first, the update pushes the version number to 1.4.1. The update adds 1,000 coins cleverly hidden across all levels, waiting for you to plunder the loot. It also adds something called ‘CARBONITE REWARDS’, that according to the description says, “Wait for the carbonite to melt to win a new character!” The update also allows to play as either birds or pigs on any side (that is, either on the good side or the Pork side. You can buy the game on the Windows Phone Store here for $0.99, or can scan the QR below if you’re reading this on a PC.

angry birds star wars 2 wp qr

Subway Surfer update brings new city of Rome to the game. There’s also a new local racer named Roberto. Then there are new rewards for completing challenges. Get the game here.

subway surfer wp qr