runkeeper android

Google’s recently announced fitness package Google Fit is starting to see integration with third party tools. Runkeeper has recently been updated in the Play Store and the app now supports Google Fit integration. This means that the data from Runkeeper will get passed on to Google Fit where you can monitor it along with other fitness data that you might have. The connection is optional and you can disable it should you you choose to do so. You can toggle the link through the app’s settings menu.

Google Fit being of course Google’s answer to Apple Health. The app collects data from various third party apps like Strava, Withings, Runtastic, Runkeeper, and Noom Coach (and others using the Fit API) and makes it all available in one place. All that data is synced across devices and the app can even provide performance based recommendations based on your data. Grab the apps from the Play Store at the links below.

Runkeeper – Play Store

Google Fit – Play Store