opera mini ios

When it comes to data saving and compression on the internet, Opera Mini still stands tall as the king. However, with increasing 3G and 4G penetration, the value of the service has taken a hit in the recent years. That doesn’t mean Opera isn’t doing anything to stay relevant in the market though. The company has just rolled out a new version of its Opera Mini browser on iOS.

Opera Mini 9 tries to make video buffering a thing of the past by introducing a new feature called video boost. Video boost brings down buffering time for viewers by making the data footprint of the video smaller. The technology in use here is Rocket Optimizer engine from Opera’s Skyfire division, which was acquired by Opera last year.

Opera sees huge opportunity in this field, since according to the company, mobile video represented 53% of the world’s mobile-data traffic at the end of last year and is expected to account for 69% of mobile-data traffic by 2018. The report goes on to say that even with blazing 4G networks, 40 percent users in the US faced stalling while playing videos.

The update also adds support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, as well as extra options for editing Speed Dial website shortcuts. Grab the update from the store link below.

Opera Mini 9 – iOS