Review by Jack Tomlin from Gizmodo Uk

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge are some of the hottest phones on the market, naturally meaning these babies are worth hundreds of your precious pounds. So, don’t live a life of phone-protecting panic, as there is a great range of accessories to wrap up your little metal-and-plastic baby to keep it as clean and scratch-free as the day that it came out of its fresh-smelling factory box.

Official Samsung View Case

Buy from ( £29.99) Buy from ( $45.00 )

We are checking in with Sammy itself for our first stop on the S6 case express, with the View official premium cover case as our cabin mate. The low-profile, synthetic leather design has a handy opening, as are becoming commonplace in phone cases, which reveals incoming calls, texts and emails. It is also available in gold, white, blue, orange, and yellow.

Encase Wallet

Buy from ( £19.99)

A more affordable option to the previous case is this Encase leather-style wallet, which is lacking in the window department but has credit card slots to make it a more all-round pocket solution. A nicely understated accessory for your Galaxy S6.

Official Samsung Clear Cover

Buy from ( £29.99) Buy from ( $29.99 )

A second stop with Samsung for this official clear cover, which is definitely one for those who want to show off the natural colour and design of the S6. The corner bumpers and tracking edge of the case bring a subtle colour to accessory, with gold and silver options as alternatives. [Buy the official Samsung Galaxy S6 clear case for £29.99]

Poetic Affinity

Buy from ( £10.95) Buy from ( $12.95 )

You’re not alone if you feel the need for more protection when it comes to shrouding your phone: they are not cheap so more protection is well worth it. Poetic offers up this case as part of its Affinity series, which features rugged thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) bumpers to take the shock out of a potential fall. Also available in gold and grey. [Buy the Poetic Affinity bumper case for £14.95]

Verus Slim Dot Case

Buy from ( £19.95) Buy from ( $19.99 )

Neat and simply styled, the Verus Galaxy S6 ‘satin silver’ Slim Dot case has a host of small holes cut away from the back. These make visible the Samsung logo on the back of the phone, as well as providing a nice tactile feel. You can get the same case in ‘shine gold’. [Buy the Verus Slim Dot case for £19.99]

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Cases

Mofred Black Leather Case

Buy from ( £4.95) 

Here’s a nice and simple real-leather fold-over case for the S6 Edge, which keeps the extra screen real estate peeking out when the cover is closed. It has a built in magnet to make sure it stays closed, but is just the right strength to be able to flip open easily. Great price right now, too. [Buy the Mofred Black Leather Case for £4.89]

Official Samsung Clear View Cover

Buy from ( £49.99) 


This one is certainly on the pricier side but it is arguably worth it when you know you have the real deal official accessory. The Clear View cover completely encases the S6 Edge, but is transparent enough to be able to see notifications and other details from the phone while the cover is on. Four colours shown available. [Buy the Samsung Clear View Cover for £44.99]

Dbrand Carbon Fibre Skin

If you are pretty confident that you won’t need a whole lot of protection for your Galaxy S6 Edge, but still want to jazz up the outside to suit your tastes, then this sleek carbon-fibre-look skin is a suitable solution. It applies easily to outside of the phone and instantly gives your phone some va va voom. [Buy the Dbrand Carbon Fibre skin for £14.99]

Official Samsung Flip Wallet

It’s not a surprise that this is our third official accessory on the list so far: while the device is so new, quality third-party options are not in abundance, but Samsung itself has definitely made some lovely accessories for the S6 and S6 Edge, like this flip wallet option, which is also available in blue/black, gold, white, yellow and green. [Buy the Samsung Flip Wallet Cover for £24.99]

Spigen Crystal Clear Cushion

Buy from ( £7.99) Buy from ( $17.99 )

Spigen is a great brand for phone cases, and this Crystal Clear Cushion model for the S6 Edge carries on that tradition. Much effort has been put into making the bumper that surrounds the phone as effective as possible, bringing home a nice slice of peace of mind, while showing off the lovely-looking S6 Edge through the ‘Crystal Clear’ plastic. [Buy the Spigen Crystal Cushion for £6.99]

Spigen Neo Hybrid Bumper Case

Buy from ( £9.99) Buy from ( $17.99 )

Another visit from Spigen, this time with a more directed design towards a premium, ‘grown-up’-looking case, which has a choice of champagne gold (shown), silver or gunmetal trim. This thing has all the looks, while being made of strong materials to make it more than just a pretty face. [Buy the Spigen Bumper case for £9.99]

Review by Jack Tomlin from Gizmodo Uk