Random House releases Game of Thrones Dothraki Companion app

If you care to look past the excellent TV series, Game of Thrones is based on a book series called A Song of Ice and Fire published by Random House. The publisher has released a companion app for Game of Thrones on the Apple App Store that helps you learn Dothraki (the language that dragon queen’s deceased husband and his race of horse lords spoke).


“The app includes interactive games, over 300 vocabulary flashcards, a comprehensive grammar summary, culture notes, and a conversational dialogue. The Living Language Dothraki Companion app can be used with the Living Language Dothraki book and audio course and the Living Language Dothraki Expanded Online Course for extra practice, or on its own for a comprehensive Dothraki learning experience on the go.”

The app has been written by none other than David J. Peterson, the same person who developed the language for the HBO series. The app can help you pick up enough Dothraki words using flashcads, mini games and notesto have a conversation. 

The app can also be used with Living Language Dothraki book and audio course, another of Random House’s works.

At $3.99, it’s a little expensive, but of course, fans of Westeros and its kingdoms won’t mind shelling out for another collectible.

Dothraki Companion – App Store