opera mini windows phone

Until now, Windows Phone users haven’t had as wide a range of browsers available for selection, as their Android and iOS counterparts. However, in the near future they’ll have atleast one popular browser on their phones. Opera will soon be launching Opera Mini beta on the Windows Phone Store as a solid alternative to the default Internet Explorer. On its website, the company states that it is looking for beta testers before going for a larger launch.

We know we took a long time, but our test version is now available. Download it, try it and give us your feedback. We’ll listen and make improvements to give you the best browsing experience on your Windows Phone.”

You can sign up on Opera’s webpage and will soon receive a link for download. Opera Mini was launched back in 2011 for Windows Phone 7 but was later discontinued. Do our readers see the launch of Opera Mini on Windows Phone as an exciting prospect? Let us know below.