Microsoft's Xim app is a new way to share photos on Windows Phone, Android and iOS

Microsoft has released a new app by the name of Xim that allows users to share photos with a group of friends.You must be thinking why release Xim when there are a dozen or high quality photo sharing apps already available in the market? Well, Xim has been designed a little differently.

Xim allows your friends to see the same photo as you’re watching without having the need to pass the phone to every member in the group. Xim allows you all to view and even zoom the same photo at the same time without having to share your phone. These pics can be either from your Camera Roll or from sources like Facebook, Instagram, OneDrive or Dropbox. Another useful feature is that your friends don’t even need to have the app installed to see these photos, as they can access the web version of the app. It’s like projecting your screen on your friends’ devices, but only for photos. Once you select the friends that you wish to share these images with, they are sent a weblink via text. Users with Xim can even add photos to the slideshow, while everybody can add text comments.

These shared photos expire after a short interval of time, ensuring you won’t have to go to each member of the group later and ask them to delete these photos (unless they take a screenshot, of course). The app is available only in the US for now, but could soon be expanded to other countries.

Grab the app for free at the links below.

Xim – Android

Xim – iOS

Xim – Windows Phone