manuganu 2

Popular 3D platformer Manuganu 2, which was released on iOS last month has made its entry on Android and iOS. Developed by Alper Sarıkaya, the game is sequel to Manuganu and has been praised for its visuals. The side scrolling game features 40 levels that never get old or repeating.

Manuganu 2 features 40 different levels with 4 boss battles. Each level earns you thre starts depending on factors like time taken to complete the level and items collected. These levels also feature multiple paths that adds to the replayability.

Manuganu 2 is free to download on Android and carries a price tag of 99 cents on Windows Phone. That should not disappoint Windows Phone users however, since there is a free trial and also, the game costs the same on iOS (so no, the developers have got nothing against the Windows Phone community). Download at the store links below.

Manuganu 2 – Play Store

Manuganu 2 – Windows Phone Store