swarm windows phone

Foursquare’s decision to split its app into one of the original name and another called Swarm has already been implemented on Android and iOS where both the apps have been available for users for some time now. Windows Phone has also joined the party finally, as Foursquare has launched Swarm on the platform.

Swarm allows users to check in to different places where you can eat, as well as track where your friends have been. It takes the social aspect more seriously than Foursquare and adds things like stickers which hold importance within the app. Users can also be the mayor of a location, but only among friends and not for everybody.

The app has also received its first update in the Windows Phone Store that fixes an issue where users with other languages weren’t being able to check in to locations. Swarm is only available for Windows Phone 8.1 users and can be picked from the Windows Phone Store here.