iClever 6-Port USB Travel Wall Charger allows simultaneous fast charging of up to six devices

Having multiple devices in you backpack is nothing short of pain when it comes to charging them. All of us face port unavailability issues when trying to charge multiple devices, including our phone, tablet/iPad, e-book reader, fitness tracker or smartwatch at the same time. Either there aren’t enough ports available, or you are required to carry too many charging devices with your gadgets, which defeats the whole purpose of portability.

iClever comes up with a six-port USB Travel Wall Charger which is an immaculate solution to reducing the number of charging devices you need to carry on the go. It allows you to charge multiple devices from a single power source which additionally helps you reduce the mess of cables on your desk.

The 6-port, 1-body design makes the travel charger lightweight, condensed and easily portable. The charger measures just 100x69x27mm and weighs 180g which makes it so easy to carry it in your pocket, throw it in your handbag or just slip it into the suitcase while travelling. The “SmartID Technology” detects the exact power needs of the attached devices. Each port is labelled so that you know what device can be plugged into which port.

The charger charges at 2.4 amps through each port. iClever offers a maximum of 50W power output, allowing you to plug in up to five devices simultaneously. Available for $25 on Amazon, the product offers great value for money. It is smaller, lighter, nicer and looks better than most of its competitors and delivers the expected performance. Life just got simpler, don’t you think?

iClever 6-Port USB travel charger – $25 Amazon