new play store material design

Google’s intent to get Material Design on everything Android look another leap today with the most recent update to Google Play Store. The update takes Play Store on Android to version 5.0.31 and besides adding new Material Design elements, brings a new flatter icon.

The changes are apparent everywhere with bold colors, new animations, shadows and coloring. Sections that have been updated include the “What’s new” section, search result pages and the page where your apps are listed. Although app listings themselves haven’t been changed much, since they were already brought to speed in the last update.

Another important change is that the whole Play Store feels faster than before. How much of that is real performance improvement and how much comes from new animations isn’t known exactly, but as long as it works, we’re not complaining.

The update is slowly rolling out to devices across the world and if you haven’t received it already, it should be sitting inside your phone soon enough.