Google Hangouts has been pushed to version 2.1.223 on Android and the update brings some rather important features. The update adds the option to choose custom ringtones and message sounds for specific people and Hangouts. this can allow users to identify who exactly has sent a message without unlocking the phone. The option has been placed in the People & Options menu for each Hangouts conversation. The update makes it at par with competitor services like Viber and WhatsApp, that already offer such feature.

Along with this, the update also brings a user’s Contact Card image as their default picture in Hangouts. Earlier, the image was pulled from the Google+ account of that person. One probable reason for this could be connected to the previous update that integrated SMS and hangout messages from the same person in the same thread.

You can pick Google Hangouts on Android here. There’s no word on a similar update for the iOS version yet, but we reckon it should be here soon.