tiny troopers

Disappointed that the latest game that your friends have gone crazy about is still not available on Windows Phone? Well, a new company by the name of Game Troopers understands your pain. The company founded by  mobile game startup ‘Space Inch,’ which has several popular titles under its belt (including Make it Rain: The Love of Money, which was #1 on the App Store) will be working on bringing popular games from iOS and Android to Windows and Windows Phone.

The company has already started its work and is porting three titles — Tiny Troopers, Make it Rain: The Love of Money and Abyss. The company will also be helping other developers to port their games. Co-founder Nicholas Reville said:

“In many cases, we will even do the coding to get the game running on Windows. We want to make it easy for developers to decide to bring their game to Windows. It shouldn’t add any extra stress for your team.”

The team feels that due to the small numbers, a lot of developers decide to give Microsoft’s platforms a miss, which is a waste of opportunity.

“There’s a huge amount of potential on Windows and lots of indie game developers don’t have a plan to publish their game. We solve that for them.”

Tiny Troopers will be the first game to hit Windows and Windows Phone sometime in December. The game features 30 levels plus a Zombie Mode, and players can unlock up to 200G in XBOX Achievements.