Facebook’s answer to Snapchat was revealed to the world last week when the company formally announced Slingshot. After being available in the US for over a week, Slingshot is now available worldwide on Android and iOS for free.

Slingshot allows users to send messages, photos with captions or videos to their friends. These messages disappear on being viewed once on he recipient’s screen. However, unlike Snapchat, Slingshot allows users to send same message to multiple friends. Another key difference is that to view a received message (or shot as it is called), users are required to send a shot back before they can unlock it. This has been done to promote cross messaging on the app.

Slingshot is available to anyone with iOS 7 and above and Android 4.1 and above. You can find the store links below.

Slingshot – Android

Slingshot – iOS