mentions app from facebook

Celebrities in the US will have an easy time managing their Facebook accounts by seeing all posts where they have been mentioned and responding directly to these posts from the app, thus saving time. The app shows all the posts where that user has been tagged, not unlike how you see News Feed on your Facebook account. Of course, trending posts are shown on the top, other wise, it’ll be a flood of posts on that celebrity’s phone. These people can then Share updates, photos and videos and host live Q&As directly from their phone. They can also join active conversations and have their say.

The app requires you to be a celebrity with a verified account before you can use it. Mentions is currently available only on iOS (because celebrities use it?) and works only in the US. However, it might be expanded to other regions in the future. Even if you have a verified account, you have to request access before you can actually use the app. In case your account isn’t verified, you can get that done through the app too. Find the store link to the app below.

Mentions – App Store