amazon app store

Amazon’s Appstore which it offers as a replacement on its own devices instead of the Google Play Store, has just crossed 240,000 apps mark. The news was broken by Amazon and the according to the company, the number is triple of what it had to offer last year. Of course, that number is nowhere near what the Play Store and the Apple App Store have to offer, but given that almost all  of major apps are available on the store, it’s not half as bad.

The number of developers developing for Amazon has also doubled in the last year thanks to the strong revenue on devices like Kindle Fire. In fact, 65 percent of the developers surveyed by IDC said that the total revenue on Kindle Fire was as better or similar to other platforms. 74 percent of the developers found the revenue per user/app similar to what they are getting on other platforms.

With Amazon expected to unveil a smartphone in the coming weeks, it needs all these apps more than ever to have a strong launch. Of course, it will be a trickle down effect and we could see many more apps on the platform once the phone takes off.