Hot on the heels of an update for WhatsApp, competitor Viber has also pushed an update for the app on Android. The update improves the way the app handles photos, video and location messages. It also brings an improved sticker menu and the ability to reorganize them. The app also adds integration with native contact list for calls and . Here’s the full changelog:

  • Improved sticker menu
  • Ability to reorder stickers
  • Create group conversations easily
  • Integration with native contact list for calls and messages
  • Performance fixes

Recently Viber was in the news for the way it handles the user data. According to reports anyone with the correct link available to him, can access all of Viber’s user data, without having to go through any passwords. What’s more, the data is unencrypted and can be easily used for malicious purposes. Viber has since announced that it’s fixed the issue, but it shows how companies take user privacy for granted.

You can pick version of the app on the Play Store here.

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