upload to youtube

Thanks to the tiff between Google and Microsoft, Windows Phone users have been unable to enjoy a YouTube experience as good as their counterparts on Android and iOS. However, the huge collection of third party apps have tried their best to fill the void. While there are plenty of apps to allows users to play YouTube videos on Windows Phone, there wasn’t any until now that allowed them to upload videos to the website. Luckily for them, the newly launched and aptly named app Upload to YouTube just allows users to do that.

Using Upload to YouTube, users can upload videos from their Camera Roll to YouTube by selecting the share option and then clicking on upload. Or, they can also upload videos using the app instead.

The only downside to the app is that it cannot upload videos while running in the background, which can be a problem for users trying to upload large videos. Also, the UI isn’t all that great, but we hope developers will change that in future updates.

Catch Upload on Windows Phone Store here for free.