The Coolest, Craziest iPhone Cases and Covers ever made

We have come across a list of the craziest iPhone cases and covers from the curated list More-Case has created on their blog, and wanted to share it with their permission. Please pay extra attention to the remarkable comments underneath each and every case. We were aware of the crazy accessories available on the market but never knew the magnitude of the craziness and unnecessary inventions. Enjoy.


list of weirdest iphone cases

So here it is… the largest collection of  f***ed up iPhone cases in the world. If this was America and not the internet, you’d probably find this collection somewhere along Route 66 near Pig’s Knuckle Missouri, next to the largest ball of twine in the world and across the road from the Museum of Cheese.  We have trawled the back streets of Etsy, scoured the souks of Ali Baba and we’ve even looked into the future, to find and present to you some of the stupidest and most brilliant uses for plastic, felt and wood in the world. Enjoy or endure.

As most of this list will be hard enough to get your head around, we’ve attempted to make it less confusing by categorising some of the madness. It doesn’t, and won’t help, but at least we tried.

Let’s start with….

Food and Drink Cases:

1) KFC Chicken Drumstick iPhone Cases  (finger lickin’…we’ll just stop there)

kfc chicken drumstick iphone 6 case funny

This one’s from the Colonel… and frankly it’s about time! We were literally fuming in the office the other day, trying to work out why no one had invented a chicken drumstickiPhone 6 case. Thanks KFC, our lives are now complete…. and it tastes just like KFC too… mmmmm…

2) Baby’s Bottle iPhone 6 Case (yes, someone somewhere, with a factory, thought this was the way forward)

baby bottle weird funny iphone 6 case

This one’s for the fetishists or the Japanese… or Japanese fetishists. Nothing says ‘stay away from me, I’ve got a patio full of dead hookers’, quite like holding a giant baby’s pacifier to your ear every time you have to make a call (probably to your psychiatrist)….

3) 3D Food Pervy & Weird iPhone Cases

food based iphone 6 case bizarre

There’s a bunch of these. They are all weird. If you own one, you’ll probably want them all, in which case please Google ‘I need therapy…’ and dial the first  number you see

So you really like food and you want the whole world to know. This snappy range can make your wildest food-iest dreams come true. Except the one about covering yourself in cold baked beans, which is basically what you really want to do isn’t it? Come on, own up… you like food… sexy sexy food….

4) Vodka Bottle iPhone 6 Cases ( yes it’s a vodka bottle… no it’s not clever)

vodka bottle shape iphone 6 case strange

We get it, you like Vodka. You’re probably 17 and you bought this in Magaluf when you were off your nut on Jager bombs? Let’s recap…. exactly how much did you pay for this elegant piece of marketing? Well we have news for you Timmy… they ABSOLUTLEY saw you coming…..

5) Edible iPhone Case (WTF?)

edible iphone case weird

We may laugh (well OK we WILL laugh), but this case at least serves a purpose. Yes, you can actually eat it… It’s made of brown rice and salt and probably tastes as bad as it looks, but still, if you’re hungry and you’ve forgotten your sarnies, then it’s a snip at $80.

Now we’ve whetted your appetite for the worst in iPhone cases let’s move on to a personal favourite category of mine.

iPhone Cases that look like Animals:

6) Cockroach Silicone iPhone 6 Case (for any budding entomologist plushophiles out there)

cockroach iphone 6 case funny

Yes it’s a cockroach! Admittedly it’s a soft, plushy and possibly quite cute cockroach, if such a thing exists, but it’s still a bug. Look, you don’t need to speak to anyone if you don’t want to, and please  stop looking at me like that.

7) Lobster iPhone Case (or should that be iLobster?)

lobster shape iphone case bizarre

Oddly I think I can see the method to this madness. ‘Jim? Do you still have those 10.000 novelty plastic lobsters? From the Chinese Year of the Lobster party? You do! Great, I’ve got a brilliant idea!” It’s also worth mentioning that it wouldn’t be a great idea to leave this beside you on the beach, because some tree hugger is bound to try and reintroduce it into the wild.

8) Half Cat iPhone Case (no we don’t get it either)

half cat funny iphone case

If words ever fail me…this would do it. Thankfully they never have. This is half a cat….and it’s not even the half you’d expect. We do love the little bell though. Although I feel the need to point out… it’s still half a cat.

9) iPhone Whale iPhone 5 Case (nope… I think we’ve described this one perfectly)

whale iphone 6 case

It’s a blue whale and you’ll never guess where its blow-hole is. Still the tail does make a handy stand if you want to turn your iPhone into a little cinema to watch Free Willy or other whale related movies. There’s a name for people like you, who like little gel animals… I don’t know what it is, but it’s probably not a nice name.

10) Isopod iPhone Case (if we can Google it… then so can you)

isopod iphone 6 plus case creepy

We’ve done creepy crawlies already, although to be fair the last one was kind of cute. This thing looks like something from an 80’s episode of Doctor Who.  The good news is that only 500 will ever be made and the even better news is that they are stupidly expensive. So the chances of you finding one under your bed are slim.

Moving on from Animals please allow us to present iPhone cases that are supposed to look like….

Parts of the Body Cases:

11) Creepy Hand iPhone Case ( Yep once again…we’ve nailed the header)

creepy hand iphone case with stand feature

Quirky? Me? No!  Yes, it’s a fake rubber hand for your iPhone, so that when you’re waiting for the friends you don’t have, to not call… you can leave it lying around to terrify your mother, who you clearly still live with…

12) The Booby iPhone 5S Case ( or is that prize?)

tits breast iphone 6 case funky

No you haven’t gone mad…. this iPhone case really is a pair of tits. We’re shuddering to think of the meetings and pitches and research involved in turning this insane product into a reality, but here they are in all their perky glory. Why these guys aren’t working for NASA is still a mystery to us all here in the office.

Check out the remainder of the list for 40+ more crazy case, click here.