“The Blacklist” has just finished airing its season 3 midseason finale. The surprsing turn of events led to Samar being fired from her job in the FBI. Viewers now wonder where they can expect the story to pick up when the series returns.

Executive producer Jon Bokenkamp recently revealed with Entertainment Weekly that Samar may end up teaming up with Red. Bokenkamp shares, “In the back half of the season, she’s not working with Ressler and the team. That would leave her open and available to potentially have some back-channeling with Reddington.” He also adds more insight on the kind of dynamics Samar and Red share, “Those two have a very unusual and very mysterious relationship. I would think it might be likely to see Red and Samar perhaps teaming up in some capacity.”

Furthermore, Liz’s arrest remains a big question to most, especially on what awaits her after this surprising plot twist. Bokenkamp assures fans that rescuing Liz is high priority for Ressler and Tom Keen, with Tom more than dedicated to the mission. He further states in another interview, “Tom, who will do anything possible to save and exonerate Liz, will find himself aligned in a completely unexpected way with Ressler, and these two guys hate each other.”

At this point, however, fans wonder how Ressler and Keen will find a way to work together, and Bokenkamp says it isn’t entirely surprising that they would join forces to save Liz. The EP goes on how “there’s no love lost between those two guys.” With that, it can be said that the possibility of working together, especially for Liz, has always been in the cards, as Bokenkamp teases, “I would expect to see them perhaps unite in some sort of way to help Liz. It kills them both to have to do it. What happens when they recognize that they have the same agenda?”