Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 Mobile adds queues, 15 new levels and much more in the latest update

Roller Coaster Tycoon is one of those classics that hasn’t aged with time. Naturally, when the game was launched on iOS back in April, it delighted a lot of fans throughout the world. The good news is that Atari is seeding the first major update to the game since launch, adding multiple new features to keep players happy. The changelog is one of the biggest we’ve seen across any platform.


“Queue Lines – you now have the option to add Queue Lines to all of your coasters, attractions, and rides! Just build the Queue Line Center to get started! This HUGE new feature adds an entire new dimension to the game as it also can greatly increase the Buzz each ride generates they are added to. Make sure to make the lines long enough or your peeps may get unhappy because they can’t get a space in line! We can’t wait to see what kinds of new parks players create to show off their awesome rides.

15 New User Levels – We added a bunch of new levels to the game so continue to earn XP and level-up to earn rewards and unlock new buildings/goals.

New Ride Animations – All rides now have a start and stop animation that adds a whole new dimension of realism to the game. It also syncs with your queue lines so your peeps know when to get on and off of rides.

Improved Tutorial – For our first time players, we have gone in and completely redesigned the tutorial to make it easier and faster to get into the game. We also made the first 50 coaster parts you build completely free!

Scheduled Downtime Support – Server downtimes with lack of information are now a thing of the past. We added a brand new way for us to message and inform players when we are tweaking servers and when the game will be back up soon should we ever need to temporarily take it down for support and fixes.”

That’s not all. There are umpteen bug fixes which we didn’t mention here for the fear of making you felling bored. But it seems like Atari had been hard at work to make RCT even better. While we don’t know if the game would ever be launched on Android or any other platforms, iOS users can sure enjoy the new features that the game has to offer.

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