photoshop express

Keeping in line with the industry trends, Adobe has updated its mobile app Photoshop Express on Android and iOS. The update adds a few handy features to the free photo editing tool making it even more versatile. Here’s the changelog:

  • Blemish removal
  • Control the intensity of Looks
  • Defog to remove fog and haze
  • Edit RAW photos

The update adds blemish removal to you photos, meaning you can post better photos of yourself on Facebook. There’s also a new defogging feature to remove fog and haze from the pictures. You can also control the intensity of Looks, which means controlling the intensity of built-in presets.

Then, the app gets the ability to edit RAW files too. Although at this moment, it’s unclear whether these are full files or light versions linked to desktop image. You’ll be needing Adobe Revel (free or paid) to upload and sync these raw images with the app.

You can grab Photoshop express for Android and iOS at the store links below.

Photoshop Express – Play Store

Photoshop Express – App Store