google apps update

Google has updated its Search, Google+ and Play Music apps on Android adding new features to both.

Starting with Google Search, the update takes it to version 3.6. The update adds deep linking for apps through search. However, these features will need developers to implement in their apps first. Also, the update hints at future hands free mode for the app in the future. There’s a new interface within the app that looks cleaner than the current version.

As for the Play Music app, the update takes it to version v.5.6.1616. The update adds a new 1×1 widget that gives access to the “I’m feeling lucky” radio feature. Then there are other minor changes like a new storage meter in download section, Search now finding shared public playlists and more.

Lastly Google+ has also been updated. The app adds no new features as such, but there’s general improvements and bug fixes.

Catch the apps on the Play Store below.


Google Search

Play Music