bomb gaza

Seeing the conflict between Israel and Gaza taking its toll on many lives, Google found it apt to remove a game from the Play Store called Bomb Gaza. The game put the players in the seat of IFA pilots who then are supposed to drop bombs on Gaza while avoiding killing civilians. The game has been met with huge public uproar and backlash. Bomb Gaza has seen harsh criticism in the user review section and has been termed as offending by many users. It had been downloaded close to 1,000 times before Google pulled the plug after several user requests for the same. The game had a low maturity setting, meaning the developers thought it safe to be downloaded and played by minors.

The move only seems befitting, given that close to 1,800 Palestinians, many of which were children have lost their lives in the on going conflict between the two countries. Google prohibits hate speech and abusive material in its Play Store terms of service and it will probably cite the same clause for removing the game from the store. Although, there are still a few apps in the Play Store based on the current conflict, including Iron Dome and Gaza Assault: Code Red.