google slides ios

Google has launched its Slides app on the iOS App Store making it sit along with the already available Docs and Sheets apps. As the name suggests, Slides allows users to create or edit presentations on their iPhone or iPad. The app is synced across devices and any changes you make on one device gets reflected on your Android device and PC. The app also supports offline editing. The work done offline will get saved on the cloud once you’re connected to the internet. The appoffers the following features:

  • Create new presentations or edit any that were created on the web or on another device
  • Share presentations and work together with others in the same presentation at the same time
  • Open, edit, and save Microsoft PowerPoint files
  • Get stuff done anytime — even without an internet connection
  • Add and rearrange slides, format text and shapes, and more
  • Present right from your device
  • Never worry about losing your work — everything is automatically saved as you type

Besides, Google has also updated the Docs and Sheets apps on the App Store. Both these apps now allow to open Microsoft Office files, something that could make Office on iPad reluctant for many.

Google Docs – App Store

Google Sheets – App Store

Google Slides – App Store