According to a new rumor, Google is set to bring new icons for its apps on Android. This could also bring new guidelines for developers to follow while designing icons for their apps on the Play Store. We could soon see round and icons with more dimensional elements gone out of the Play Store.

google new icons on android

Dubbed as ‘Moonshine’, the new icons will be relatively flatter than the existing ones and will more closely resemble the web icons instead of the older ones. They will also have longer and harder shadows. The same icons have also popped up on Google Partners Page for  Calendar, YouTube, and Maps icons, adding credibility to the rumor.

Although, there’s also a good chance that these might not be the final designs and might change more in the future before getting official. We might see them on the new version of Android that Google could be announcing at its I/O event in late June, but we’re only speculating here. It could also be that Google updates its web icons to make the two look exactly similar.

new google icons