Article by Fifasolved

We have spent the past week browsing through numerous forums that are dedicated to helping FUT users, and solving their problems. However, one of our readers tweeted to us with an issue that prevents him and many others from entering the FUT 14 Web App via their mobile phone or similar devices.

First off, if you want to create an account then go here

Once an account has been created, a lot of gamers are seeing the following image appear, which can be viewed below.

FUT 14 Web App Glitch

What simply happens, is players will start-up the web app and it’ll then come up with this message saying that you’ll need to buy FIFA 14 even though all users have most probably already got their copy of it. We and others have tried to contact EA Sports directly with this huge problem, but they haven’t managed to get back to us or anyone else for that matter.

Troubleshooting: What Course Of Action To Take Next

This seems to be one heck of a major glitch that only the developers have the power to repair, but we do have to suggestions that have seemed to work for the majority of Ultimate Team players.

  • Create an origin account if you don’t have one, this seems to work for some people.
  • If that doesn’t work, the n we suggest that you completely clear all of your cache & cookies and for best results do both of these steps.

We are not saying that this will definitely work for you, but it has helped some users in some cases. If you’re still stuck after our advice, then we recommend that you contact Electronic Arts directly byclicking here and submitting a ticket request.